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In order to access Easydom Live services, you need a Microsoft Account and enable Easydom Live service on Easydom HoMe Server .

With Easydom Live you can safely control by remote your domotic system and get many other functions.

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Fairs, meeting, roadshows: Find out about future events and review those from the past

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Come to see all the benefits resulting from having a domotic home

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Benefits for the residential housing

Thanks to the different system integration, it's possible to give a plus value to the use of domotics applied to residential buildings

The nautical sector and domotics

Easydom Nautica, your boat in a click.

Domotics in the healthcare sector

Domotics is the ideal solution for the healthcare settings that want to guarantee a complete control, areas and inpatients' security.

Domotics for the industrial sector

Having the control and management from a unique interface.

Examples of application for hospitality

Domotics creates customized services and gives an added value to distinguish the building and make it more appealing for the customer.

Examples of application for domestic use

The complete and total control of your home

Why choose progress

Home becomes the mirror of the historical - economic context in which it develops

Simple advices

To follow if you are thinking about a domotic home

Why choose Easydom

Six reasons for a choice

What is domotics

The encounter of information technology, electrotechnics and electronics that makes a home become "smart".

Advantages for the tertiary

Shops, pubs, gyms, wellness centres and many other facilities that can have that extra oomph thanks to domotics.


What domotics is, where it can be applied and what advantages it brings


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Easydom Live

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Don't miss Easydom events, stay in the loop and discover all the details to participate to the events on the agenda

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Discover all the most important events in which we have participated and the ones we have organized


Create multiple personalized scenarios

Scenario icon details

Identify actions associated to each scenario

Scenario Store Existing Settings

Re-create your ideal setting in Easydom


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Visit the domotic house

Visit the domotic house

Come to see all the benefits resulting from having a domotic home

Easydom, together with its partner, put at your disposal a well and truly domotic home in order to visit, touch it and make you aware of all the best technology that your home can host. From automation to the best security systems integration, from the sharing of all your multimedia contents, to the remote control of your home, this is Easydom Next Home Experience.

Come to discover how it's easy to create your scenarios and all the advantages of a domotic house. 

To reserve a visit in the Easydom domotic home, call the number 800 911 803.
​An operator will be at your disposal to plan your visit. 

The visits are bookable from 10:30 a.m to 04:30 p.m.

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