Guarantee terms

Easydom Products guarantee

The Guarantee is provided by the seller

Products’ Guarantee

Easydom guarantees that the Product has no inherent defects according to the Legislative Decree 206/05.


In case he wants to take advantage of the rights set included in these guarantee terms, the purchaser has to visit the sections dedicated to the products’ families on Easydom website. Within the limits specified, and in case of existence of the conditions to provide the guarantee according to the Legislative Decree 206/05, the product will be repaired with no expenses for the purchaser. Except for what is provided in the art. 130, Legislative Decree 206/05 in particular concerning the objective impossibility or excessive costs for repairing. In case the product should be sent after the guarantee period as well as in case it’s a fault not cover by the Guarantee, as well as the product is without faults, Easydom will debit the transport, administrative and technical costs. The purchaser, if he is a consumer, has to deliver the purchase bill to Easydom, and if it’s a professional, it has to deliver the invoice stating the purchase and the guarantee effective date, in order to avail himself of the rights established in the actual conditions.

Limitations in case of guarantee intervention

Easydom guarantee does not cover the faults occurring after the guarantee term, the faults which did not exist before the product’s delivery, damages resulting from use negligence or carelessness, from wrong installation or maintenance, wrong storage and/or conservation or technical interventions made by unauthorized personnel, from transport damages, corrosion or for products whose serial number has been altered or cancelled.

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