Easydom makes your iPhone special

With Easydom for iPhone you always have with you your home, your holiday house, your office and any Home Automation system managed by Easydom. If you own an Easydom domotic system or a compatible one*, inform yourself about how to activate Easydom Live services and start managing your system wherever you are and whenever you want.



Set the temperature before arriving at home

Turning up the heating or turning on the air conditioning before arriving at home is extraordinary simple thanks to Easydom and your iPhone. The App is able to visualise and make you control every probe or thermostat of your home, everywhere you are.

All that you’ve ever wanted from your iPhone

Program all the objects connected to your Easydom system, directly from your iPhone: from lighting to motorizations, from temperatures to scenarios. Having the perfect climate in every room of your home and at any time you want, has never been so easy: choose the time, the setpoint, the modality and the frequency desired for every sensor or thermostat.
You can also program your favourite scenarios: choose the activation time and frequency, and the App will start them automatically every time you wish.

Security always at your reach

Thanks to Easydom App and Live service, you can control the cameras and activate the security system. 





Your iPhone gives you the full control

Every camera's image can be enlarged with zoom, can be visualised widescreen and you can also take a picture that will be saved in the mobile pictures.

Fast search

Enter a name in the search bar, as for example "lights", Easydom App selects the devices, the automations and the scenarios that match with the set key, giving an immediate access to what you are searching for, for example "kitchen lights".


In the Favourites page, you can add all what you use most and what you want to have at your reach. You can put in the Favourites scenarios, lights, curtains or thermostats, a fast access to routine actions.

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