Easydom makes your iPhone special

With Easydom for iPhone you will always have your home, your house by the sea or in the mountains, your office and any Home Automation system managed by Easydom with you.
If you have an Easydom home automation system or a compatible system, find out immediately how to activate the Easydom Live services and start managing your entire system anywhere and at any time.

An intuitive and simple App that allows you to have control of your Easydom system at your fingertips.

Your iPhone gives you full control

All the features you have at home are also manageable from your iPhone. Manage, modify, control your system wherever you are.

Turn on, turn off and adjust the intensity of the lights from your device

Manage the alarm system and control the cameras at any time

Open and close all the engines comfortably from your App

Activate the scenarios remotely and program the desired time

Regulating the temperature or switching the climate on and off is quick and easy

Program the switching on and off of lights or automations with a gesture

Plan view of your home

The first App that allows you to have the planimetric view of your system. Complete view of all lights, automations, temperatures, scenarios, cameras and security directly on the map by simply turning your iPhone.

Download Easydom App

Download Easydom App from the App Store, connect your Easydom Live account and start managing your home wherever you are.