10” of perfection

High engineering and design in a 10" touch that encloses all the functions of the easydom system in a size adaptable to any space.

High performance in little space

Despite the small size we have created a powerful and solid PC.
The funless Nano motherboard with 64 GB hard drive and 1 GB of RAM guarantees fast performance and an unmatched user experience.
​The graphic card speeds up rendering for optimized touch response speed.

Aluminum and glass for a latest generation touchscreen. All the carpentry that surrounds the Mini Glass is in aluminum, designed in a single body to give maximum strength and homogeneous heat dissipation. The aluminum edge protects the tactile glass part of the PC and gives a touch of design and solidity to the structure.

A circular ventilation system guarantees the Mini Glass to always have a controlled and constant temperature avoiding the PC overheating. Inside it is also equipped with a 5V predisposition for a possible additional fan if it is installed in particularly hot rooms or areas.

Innovative built-in wall system

We have thought of a new built-in box created ad hoc, which allows you to put up the Mini Glass in a simple way. The aluminum box allows to have resistant edges that do not bend under the pressure of the materials of the wall with safety support flaps and bases..

The power of core Windows

Inside our Mini Glass there is all the power of the Windows IoT operating system designed for the world of smart home. Maximum plug and play interaction with smart objects in the house, which can be connected and interacted with each other thanks to the Easydom HoMe software.

Technical specifications

11,81 x 8,07 x 0,23 inch


Capacitive multitouch up to 10 touches Invisible Mesh

Standard recess
With patented wall brackets

System Memory