Easydom Live
Manage your home from anywhere

Control lights, set temperatures, watch the cameras wherever you are. With Easydom Live subscription you could access your Easydom domotic system from every mobile device, smartphone or tablet and from any browser provided with an Internet connection.



Easydom Live works on certified server on Microsoft Azure platform, and this guarantees a high standard security and protection level to your accesses.


Thanks to the functional Easydom Live web console, the device can be directly locked and disconnected from the system in case of theft or loss.

Your home has its own Account

Create your Microsoft Account for your home and associate it to Easydom Live, in this way your home could communicate in a direct and personal way. An actual digital house postbox, call your home directly from Skype on your Glass PC 2, store your family photos on Onedrive, listen to the whole Xbox music and organize the house calendar.

A certified and simple remote access system

Thanks to Easydom Live subscription, your Easydom system is certified and protected. With the connection and activation of Microsoft Account on Easydom HoMe, you only need to enter the credentials in your device and it will be automatically recognized and synchronized to your domotic system.

Voice assistants

The new digital revolution in terms of voice assistants is native in Easydom HoMe. Thanks to the Easydom Live platform, Easydom HoMe is already able to communicate and interact with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, in a simple and fast way, becoming the first complete home automation system to be controlled by the two most important voice assistants on the global market.

A customized subscription

You can choose a 1, 3 or 12 months Easydom Live subscription, depending on your needs.

Discover how to do it.

Easydom Live is now available to manage your domotic system from
Windows Phone and iPhone.