Why choose Easydom

Why choose Easydom

Six reasons for a choice


For the use ease

Easydom suggests a "simple" domotics, both for the final user, who shouldn't feel overwhelmed by a hostile and complicated technology, and for the Professionals (installers, architects, electricians) who need to install and configured a domotic system easily.
Easydom guarantees both the results: a happy final customer and a satisfied expert!

Vocal assistant

Thanks to the Easydom Live platform, Easydom HoMe is already able to communicate and interact with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, in a simple and fast way, becoming the first complete home automation system to be controlled by the two most important voice assistants on the global market.

To guarantee higher security

Domotics gives a fundamental contribution to increase the security level of a building, helping to reduce potential dangerous situations.
Easydom domotic system communicates with all the house security devices, allowing a complete and continuous management and monitoring.

For the investment's flexibility

Easydom domotic system is a winning solution even for tomorrow. Relying on Easydom products, the customer can choose a standard configuration, having the possibility of enhancing the system in the future. Being a flexible system, you can decide to integrate an alarm system, videosurveillance or motorizations, or choose Easydom Live services to access your system even from remote.

To control your home, even from remoteTo control your home, even from remoteTo control your home, even from remote

Easydom domotics allows to have the complete control of every house rooms or the office, from everywhere you are. It's enough to have an internet connection and be connected to your system, in this way managing lights, motorizations, temperatures, cameras and alarm systems will be easy and fast like doing it from home.

To cut the costs of the bills

Reducing the energy consumption, lightening light and gas bills, it's a goal achievable thanks to the benefits resulting from the new building technologies and Easydom domotic system implementation. Thanks to the real time consumption visualization and the use statistics, you can obtain a great economic saving.