Easydom makes your smartphone special

Whether you are on holiday in your house by the sea or in the mountains, or simply out of town for work, the Easydom app for Android allows you to always have the management of your home, your office and any Home system at your fingertips Automation managed by Easydom wherever you are.
Thanks to Easydom Live you can activate the remote management of your home automation system and have full control over it at any time.

With an intuitive and easy to use interface, the Easydom App provides you with all the functions you need to manage your system efficiently and quickly.

Full control always in your hands

All the functions you have at home can also be managed from your Android devices. Manage, modify, control your system wherever you are.

Turn on, turn off and adjust the intensity of the lights from your device

Manage the alarm system and control the cameras at any time

Open and close all the engines comfortably from your App

Activate the scenarios remotely and program the desired time

Regulating the temperature or switching the climate on and off is quick and easy

Program the switching on and off of lights or automations with a gesture

Plan view of your home

The Easydom App is the first to offer you a complete planimetric view of your system, with the possibility of accessing all the information regarding lights, automations, temperatures, scenarios, cameras and security in a simple and intuitive way, thanks to the simple rotation of your device.


Always keep an eye on your energy consumption

With the Easydom app, monitoring your home's energy consumption and associated costs is quick and easy. Always keep your energy costs under control and save on your bill.

View graphs of your instant consumption, but also daily, monthly and yearly

Check the various phases of your system to get a more detailed idea of your consumption

Monitor the indicative costs and the forecast of future costs, so as not to have surprises in the bill.

Discover security at your fingertips: the Cameras section

In the Cameras section you can monitor your home in real time and capture photos or videos to share them. Furthermore, while viewing the video, it is possible to access and manage lights, motors and other elements of the environment without having to switch sections.


Download the Easydom app

Download the Easydom app from the Goggle Play Store, connect your Easydom Live account and start managing your home wherever you are.