Invest in your future: Open an Easydom Experience area

Invest in your future: Open an Easydom Experience area

Domotic technology is a concrete reality for the electric plant design sector and it's expanding fast in all fields, from the domestic to the industrial, up to the nautical and healthcare ones. Opening an Easydom Experience means be a step ahead and anticipating the trends, in order to guarantee to your customers the highest quality level in terms of technological innovation, and at the same time providing a flexible and easy reach solution, able to give an added value to the persons' daily life.

The installation simplicity and the use of Easydom products, combined with the customer's chance to experience the high quality of our technology, make the Easydom Experience a winning solution to give value to your own store and distinguish it from the competitors, becoming a point of reference for your customers and build a strong trust relationship. The opportunity to see our solutions with one's own eyes allows the customer to become aware of the fact that domotics is suitable for all, avoiding the skepticism and suspicion toward a technology that some still consider "complicated" and reserved to "elite groups", but which is already part of people's daily life.

Easydom team will be at your complete disposal to give you the assistance during the whole process, from the showroom products' installation, to the free training of your staff, up to the final opening of your Easydom Experience, and in any moment you will need our support. Besides the assistance and the economic support in terms of Easydom products needed for the start-up, we help our detailers through a marketing support, which includes events, fairs and promotional activities organization.

Our products' value is testified by the partnerships with prestige and well known brands, which are synonymous with quality, such as Windows and Samsung, that add value to the customer's experience inside your Easydom Experience area.

Advantages for our dealers:


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