Hardware guarantee terms


The Customer who faces problems in relation to the correct Easydom harware functioning has to ask for the Seller’s intervention, who will make the system functioning again with the Assistance Centre’s support.


PRODUCER: it means EASYDOM I.N.C. society, as it’s authorized to sell hardware products with Easydom’s brand.

CONSUMER: it means the natural person who act for purposes extraneous to the business or professional activity done (art. 3 of the Code of Consumption).

CUSTOMER: the natural, legal person or the professional who buy Easydom product.

SELLER: who is authorized to sell Easydom products. He can be the Installer and Experience when they resell/install Easydom hardware products to the Customer.

EXPERIENCE: is an authorized zone dealer that exercises its business through a store realized in conformity with the disposals imposed by Easydom.

INSTALLER: it means Easydom Certified Installer. They are selected professionals who attended and passed specific training courses, that certified its skills and competence in evaluating Consumers’ needs, suggesting the best solutions and offering the best Easydom domotic technology.

It must be notices that EASYDOM I.N.C. does not assume any responsibility, duty and/or commitment concerning the work and activities done by the Installer, and for any loss or damage related to any business, commercial activity or profession carried out by the Customer or by any other person using the product bought, according to the following Conditions.


A Legal guarantee, pursuant to the regulations of the art. 128 and following of the Consumption’s code (Legislative Decree 6th September 2005 n.206) is recognized to the Customer, who buys Easydom products through an Easydom authorized sales channel (Installer or Experience). According to the law in question, the Customers have the right to obtain from the Seller the reparation or substitution of the products which have original defects. The term by which the defects’ report must be communicated, depends on whether the Customer is:

- a natural person who uses the product for purposes different from the business or professional activity carried out. In this case the defect must be noticed within 24 (twentyfour) months starting from the product’s delivery date, except for the parts which are naturally subject to usage deterioration. The interested must signal the defect of the component by 60 (sixty) days from its discover;

- a legal person, a professional as well as someone who uses the product for its own professional, commercial and business activity. The defect must be recognized within 12 (twelve) months, starting from the date showed on the delivery document. In this case the defect of the product must be signaled by 8 (eight) days from its discover.


The Customer, who notices abnormalities or malfunctionings in relation to the installed hardware products, will have to contact the Seller, according to the terms of point n.3 and ask for the Installer’s intervention.

In case the Installer would not be available to intervene or he cannot be reached, the Customer could request the intervention of another and different Installer, whose name could be found in the list of Easydom Certified Installers, published on website www.easydom.com.

The costs of the new intervention will be at the Customer’s expense, who could obtain protection for his rights and asserts his claims toward the defaulting Installer, taking legal actions.


Whoever owns an Easydom hardware, could count on the guarantee protection directly turning to the Seller and requesting Easydom technical assistance through the assistance ticket opening by using the “Support” area included in the “Customer Area” section of the website www.easydom.com.

With reference to this, it’s necessary that the Customer has the document proving the purchase and/or the delivery, that clearly show the Seller’s name and the date in which the sale has occurred, in order to demonstrate the guarantee’s validity.

It must be noticed that the chance to use Easydom Technical Assistance, is subject to the full payment of the purchased products.



This guarantee conditions are valid exclusively in Italy, including the San Marino Republic and the Vatican City, and only in the case the Customer has purchased Easydom product from an Installer or through an authorized dealer (Experience). The guarantee and assistance does not cover parts different from Easydom domotic hardware.

For the guarantee to be fully valid and for the Assistance to be used, it’s necessary that:


It must be noticed that all the malfunctionings and/or Easydom hardware damages caused by the following reasons, cannot be covered by the guarantee and are not subject to Assistance:

Moreover, software, operative and basic systems supplied with Easydom Glass 3S are not covered by this guarantee.


Before accepting the delivery, the Customer has to carefully control the package conditions.


The guarantee in object does not include other reimbursement requests or other services, in particular concerning the components’ substitution for damages caused outside the hardware product, with the exception in which exists a responsibility set forth by law.

Reparations and substitutions made after the guarantee deadline, will be debit to the Customer at the prices in force during the reparation.

EASYDOM I.N.C., declines all liabilities for potential injures to persons, animals or things, direct or indirect, caused by the lack of observance of the instructions specified for Easydom products’ installation and, in particular those concerning the instructions, use and maintenance of the product and the system itself.

No reimbursement is recognized for the inoperative period of the system.


According to the Privacy law ex. Legislative Decree196/03, the personal data communicated by the buyer during the assistance ticket completion, will be elaborated by EASYDOM I.N.C. with informative and manual tools, exclusively to allow the buyer benefit from this guarantee and to facilitate the Assistance Centre intervention authorized by ESOURCE S.r.l., as well as for management purposes related to the exercise of producer’s economic activities and for statistical, marketing and commercial purposes related to the activity carried out by ESOURCE S.r.l..

The data are collected and stored on servers localized in Italy and they will not be spread.

These data could be communicated to subsidiaries, parent companies and/or connected or belonging to the same group, both inside and outside the European Union.

The personal data collected will be accessible by the bodies and employees of EASYDOM I.N.C. formally designated as Appointee or Responsible for their use, they could be communicated to subjects appointed by EASYDOM I.N.C. for purposes related to the organization of the guarantee, assistance and maintenance service and for statistical, marketing and commercial informative purposes.

The Users who have provided their personal data according to this informative, benefit from all the rights attributed by the Code.

For the potential claims of the rights included in art. 7 of Legislative Decree 196/03, the buyer could turn to ESOURCE S.r.l., Via del Caravaggio n. 3 - 20144 Milan, which is the Holder of data use. According to the same article, they have the right to obtain the cancellation, transformation to anonymous or the block of data used in violation of law, as well as opposing to their use for legitimate reasons.


In order to recognize a greater protection for the Consumer, EASYDOM I.N.C. specifies that the Installer, once the installation and test operations are done, must deliver the following documents:

- technical documentation concerning Easydom domotic system’s configuration, the list of hardware installed and the corresponding Product ID;

- software’s backup files for Easydom system’s configuration;

- declaration that the Installer is an Easydom Certified Installer;

- declaration of conformity provided and governed by the ministerial Decree 37/2008, ex law 46/90.