Easydom Next makes your home smart

With Easydom Next, lights, motorization, security devices, surveillance, audio/video systems and heating are all integrated via a single software package that makes it easy to communicate with your home. A simple and intuitive interface allows you to control all systems without switching between applications or devices.


Easydom Next: Innovation Awards Honoree
for Software and Mobile Apps
at CES 2015 in Las Vegas

Activate your fantasy home

With Easydom Next you can create infinite combinations of actions to make your fantasy home a reality. It’s easy to create a scenario, adding actions and your favourite music for the atmosphere you want. Every command and scenario can be programmed and scheduled beforehand, automating common actions and guaranteeing unprecedented comfort.

Consumi Keep consumption levels under control

All the information you want is just a click away, giving you real-time management and control of energy consumption and providing a forecast of system costs.

Statistical functions and graph display detailed usage of every device connected to the system, so you can keep track of consumption, usage frequency and total expense per day, month and year.

Easydom Next also advises you about which type of lamp to use for specific lights in order to optimize your costs and environmental impact.

Focus on security and control

The security and control of your home are essential elements of a domotic system.
Thanks to Easydom Next, it has never been so easy to control and manage your anti-theft system and cameras.

Adding or removing a radar from the alarm system is as easy as turning on or off a light: Simply click on the icon and choose the action you want.

You can also control cameras from any device and take a picture of what you are seeing, saving it to the image archive.

Programmazione oraria It manages the hours

With Easydom Next you can set up all the time schedules that you want: from lights to scenarios, from motorizations to temperatures.

Choose all the actions you want, set up the time and frequency you want them to be activated, and then leave the rest up to Easydom Next. With Easydom Next you can keep temperature and humidity under control, creating a weekly program for every thermostat or probe in your home.
With Easydom Next you can keep temperature and humidity under control, creating your weekly program or setting up every single thermostat or probe of your home.

Easydom Next allows you to manage all time schedules from a single display, making it easy to delete or suspend executions whenever you like.
Even your scenarios can be scheduled, to help with your daily actions and create the ideal atmosphere anytime you want.

Give your system personality

Your home is a private and personal place, and every room has its own character, colours and style. Easydom Next is able to adapt to your tastes with a wide range of personalization. From the graphical interface - where you can move icons to best represent the arrangement of your lights, and modify the colour of the background or tile - to scenarios and personal time schedules, you don’t need a technical intervention; you are the expert!