General Terms and Conditions of Use

The subscription and/or use of the website (the “Website) implies the acceptance by the Website user (the ”User”) of the General Terms here mentioned. The use of the Website and/or the explicit acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions at the moment of subscription represents an agreement between the User and Easydom Inc. (“Easydom”). If the User doesn’t agree on the following General Terms and Conditions, he’s not allowed to use the Website and the services provided by Easydom.

User responsibility

The Website and its contents, including for example, the texts and images (the “Contents”), are property of Easydom. All rights are reserved, except for what differently specified. All Contents whether they are brands, logos or other distinctive features property of Easydom are trademarks registered by Easydom. Non-authorized use of Contents or the use of them in contrast with the current General Terms and Conditions is forbidden.

Website use

Easydom manages this Website with the purpose of inform, communicate, make known company’s projects, products and events. The Website use can occur only in accordance with this General Terms and Conditions. Easydom gives a personal and no-transferable right of the Website use to the User, according to the following specifications:

The User is allowed to use the Website Contents (technical specifications, frequent questions, brochure and all the material provided for these purposes) provided that all the copies include the copyright communication, no changes are made and no commercial advertisement are inserted without the previous authorization of Easydom;

The Contents of the “Press” section could be download and reproduced only for editorial purposes on newspapers, magazines, commercial publications or for the television broadcasting;

It’s forbidden to reproduce, modify, duplicate, distribute, sell and in general exploit the Website Contents if it has not been previously authorized in writing by Easydom;

It’s not allowed the Contents use for commercial and/or advertising purposes;

It’s strictly forbidden use the Website to introduce and/or transmit obscene, offensive, libelous, false, pornographic material, detrimental for the public dignity or any other material which represents a crime or violate the law in force. In these latter cases, Easydom will cooperate with the law enforcement agency to discover the identity of anybody who violate this regulation.

The accredited educational centres, as the primary and secondary educational centres, the public and private high schools, the universities, can download and reproduce the documents to distribute it inside the centre. The distribution outside the centre requires a previous written authorization.

Any other purpose of use is forbidden by the law in force and it can implies heavy civil and penal penalties. The lawbreakers will be prosecuted to the full extent allowed by the law in force.

Concerning the interactive Website sections, Easydom reserves the right to monitor or visualize, with a specified frequency, debates, forum and, in general, any other interactive section. In any case, Easydom assumes no obligations to accomplish these activities and does not assume any responsibility with regards to these Website sections.


The entire content of this Website is protected by copyright. Except for what here explicitly allowed, no part of the information of this Website can be reproduced in any way or for any purpose with no previous written authorization of Easydom. The Visitors or the Users cannot make changes, distribute, publish, transmit or create works deriving from the material found on this Website, for any public or commercial purpose.

User responsibility

The User who subscribes to the Website is obliged to give exclusively the personal data requested and guarantees that they are true, correct and up-to-date. The User is aware that he is responsible for any Website use on its part or by who uses his personal data. In case of the Reserved Area, which can be accessed through personal password, it’s a responsibility of the User to keep secret his own access data.

General responsibility exclusion

Despite Easydom tries to provide accurate information on the Website, Easydom assumes no responsibility to this matter. Easydom could modify the programmes or the mentioned products at any time and without notice. The signalling of products or services that don’t belong to Easydom occurs only for informational purposes and it doesn’t represent in any way an approval or recommendation made by Easydom

The Website is provided by Easydom“as it is”. Easydom doesn’t give any implicit or explicit guarantee about the functioning, the accuracy, the completeness and the reliability of the Contents. Easydom doesn’t give any implicit or explicit guarantee about the marketability and suitability to a particular purpose.

Availability of products and services

Since this Website provides international information, not all products or programmes mentioned will be available for the User’s country. The User - who intend to purchase Easydom products outside Italy - needs to previously inform about the available products and services in its own country of origin or in the country in which it wants to purchase the products and services.

Restrictions to responsibility

Within the restrictions allowed by the law, Easydom will not be responsible for the damages of any type resulting from the Website use, including the direct, indirect, accidental and consequential damages.

Link to third parties’ websites

The Website could include links to third parties’ websites. Easydom has no control over them, and therefore, it’s not responsible for these websites’ contents. Some of these links lead to third parties websites that provide services by means of the Website. In these cases, the General Terms and Conditions for the Website use and for the service fruition provided by the third parties will be applied to the single services, and Easydom assumes no responsibility with regards to them.

Reserved Areas access

The Website’s Reserved Areas access is reserved to the authorized Users. The unauthorized individuals who try to accede to these Website’s areas can be subject to prosecution.


All the data provided to the Website by the User will be used in accordance with the Privacy Policy statement. Any other information or material sent to this Website by means of e-mail or any other means will be considered non-confidential and non-protected by the intellectual property right. Any material that the User send or publish on the Website becomes property of Easydom, that could use it for any legitimate purpose.

Regulating Law

The current General Terms and Conditions for the Website use are regulated by the Italian Law.

Changes to the General Terms and Conditions

Easydom reserves the right to modify the Website and the current General Terms and Conditions at any time. The changes will be communicated on the Website, and provided the User’s right not to use the Website or to ask the cancellation of his own subscription, he will continue to use the Website according to the modified version of General Terms and Conditions.

Further Conditions

Further terms and conditions different from the current General Terms and Conditions could be applied to the single services or goods provided through the Website: the User declares up to now, to conform to these other terms and conditions, in case of the relative goods or services request.