How to activate Easydom Live service


In order to activate Easydom Live service:

1 - Access Easydom Live menu in Easydom Next Home Elite settings.

2 - Give a name to your system and press on "Connect to Easydom Live”.

3 - You will be asked to enter your Microsoft Account credentials.

In order to access Easydom Live services you need a Microsoft Account.
If you don't have one yet, click here to sign up.

4 - Choose how to activate the service, through PayPal and Credit Card (a) or through an Easydom Card.


a ) Activate the service by PayPal and Credit Card.



b ) Activate the service through an Easydom Card

5 - Associate your system to 

a ) Windows Phone. Buy the app from the Windows Store and start the installation procedure:


b ) iPhone. Buy the app from the Apple Store and start the installation procedure:


6 - You can manage your system through the web console. To do it go to Easydom Live page, in the Customer Area of, click on "Access to Easydom Live console" and enter your Microsoft Account credentials in order to access to your system from everywhere you are.