Easydom HoMe
For the home that feels like me

Easydom HoMe allows you to have a home automation system not only fully customizable according to your needs, but really smart because it can communicate with your home and learns new features from your habits. Easydom HoMe HoMe integrates the automatic search for smart devices that are in your home, a real search engine within the home network that can recognize compatible devices and manages them directly from a single software.

Pass to HoMe

Easydom guides smart home innovation with the new HoMe software. If you already have Easydom Next software, update Easydom to bring new features and a new user experience.
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Compare Easydom Next and Easydom HoMe


The Easydom HoMe software detects the Sonos speakers and integrates them into its own commands, involving them in scenarios and intelligent actions. Volume and player are perfectly integrated and the Glass3S comes alive with the artist's slideshow photos, becoming a dynamic and interactive screen.

Spotify but not only

Explore moods, search for albums and create the playlist to match your scenario. Free space for your creativity with Spotify and Easydom HoMe, you can easily view album covers and each playlist or song can be combined with a different room. Everything is synchronized with the Glass3S, with the App and with the other accessories that are used (ex: smartwatch).

Like a software. Unlike any software

In Easydom HoMe all the components of your system communicate with each other, building a synergy that allows you to experience daily life immersed in comfort tailored for you.
You can search for the atmosphere you prefer at any time of the day and in every corner of your home.

Check consumption

All the information you want within a click: management and control of energy consumption take place in real time, providing a forecast of the costs of the system. Easydom HoMe is also able to give you suggestions on the kind of lamp to use for that specific light according to the usage statistics of the same, in order to save on heating and cooling and environmental impact.

Astronomical clock

The astronomical clock function allows you to program hourly actions, linked to the sunrise and sunset phases, allowing a smarter time management. If with the changing of the seasons and the months the classical timers of the outdoor lights require your change, now with the astronomic clock in Easydom HoMe, you will not have to change the time schedule.

A direct Chat with your home

You can also talk to your home via chat, you can ask questions about the status of lights and temperatures and give them commands simply by writing the action. She will answer all your requests directly on the private chat always ready to give you information even when you're not there.

Give character to your system

Easydom HoMe adapts to the personality of those who live in the house leaving many possibilities for customization: from the graphic interface - where you can move the icons to better represent the layout of the house lights, change the background or the color of the individual panels - to create scenarios and personal schedules. You do not need to call a technician, the home expert is you!

Have you got Easydom Next? Click here to access the dedicated page and to download the manual.