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The home of the future is finally here

Having a Smart Home has never been that easy. With Easydom IoT Link you can manage, monitor and make dialogue all the objects connected in your home, with a simple App and directly from your smartphone or tablet. Shutters, blinds, audio/video systems, temperatures, cameras, security systems and many other Smart objects are now connected for a new way of living home.


All the best of Easydom Next

IoT Link has the supervision software Easydom Next IoT to manage multiple integrations and all the compatible products. Discover all the available integrations and subscribe to our newsletter to keep uptodate with the ones coming.

So small, so powerful

Easydom IoT Link communicate with the new modules B.BWi, the wireless devices that allow everyone to realize a fully Smart Home with no cables. But with IoT Link you can also broaden your current Home Automation B.BUS system: import your backup directly into IoT Link to make your home even more connected without additional wiring, then add to your system all the smart objects you desire.



Your home in the palm of your hand

Thanks to Easydom official Apps available in the stores, you can control and manage your system from any smartphone or tablet, and receive email notifications to protect your home everywhere you are.

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Simple and fast online configuration

Easydom IoT Link configuration is simple and fast, you only need an internet connection!


Turn on Easydom IoT Link and follow the guided procedure to add all the compatible devices

Download Easydom Next App
(Windows, iOS, Android)

Start managing your Smart Home directly from your smartphone or tablet




3,9 x 3,9 x 0,9 in

32GB + Micro SD slot 

System Memory

Easydom BBWi
Card inside

for smart configuration 

Discover all the technical specifications