Enter your home with your Windows Phone

With Easydom for Windows Phone you always have with you your home, your holiday house, your office and every Home Automation system managed by Easydom. If you have an Easydom domotic system compatible*, inform yourself about how to activate Easydom Live services and start managing your system wherever you are and whenever you want.


Create your scenario

Just with your Windows Phone you can create the scenarios directly from your device: select the actions that you want to execute, give a name, choose the icon that best represent the scenario and save it. You can also take a "virtual photo" of your system, that's to say, save the state in which it is at that moment and give it a name to create your scenario quickly. The registration modality is even faster, that means turning on and off lights, regulating dimmers from the buttons and save.Easydom App for Windows Phone is synchronized with all the devices connected in order to have all updated.



The temperature you want, from wherever you are

Setting the heating or managing the air-conditioning before arriving at home today it's extremely easy thanks to Easydom and its App for Windows Phone. From the App you can visualise the temperature detected and control every probe or thermostat of your house.
But that's not all: you also have the possibility of defining and programming the thermostat directly from your Windows Phone, choosing and modifying not only the time bands but also the temperature thresholds.



Cortana, your vocal assistant

Ask to Cortana and she carries out.
​Thanks to the vocal commands, managing your home has never been that easy. You can interact with your house through the Windows Phone or your Microsoft band vocal control: lights, automations, scenarios, security and information are at your disposal simply by asking to Cortana, she becomes your personal home assistant.

Security always at your fingertips

Wherever you are, controlling the cameras, activating the security system, controlling alarms memory and excluding a sensor is extraordinary simple.
Your Windows Phone gives you the full control and brings your home security to a new level.



​Control your consumptions in real time

From your Windows Phone you can keep under control the energy consumptions and the CO2 emissions. The system is able to give you costs predictions, by analizing your habits, so you can keep them under control. Thanks to the real-time graph, you could also check the consumption of every single device connected to your system.


Add what you want to the Favourite page in order to have immediate access to the most used activations, or simply to give a glance at the house temperatures.

Time schedule

Schedule the lightning or the motorizations directly from your Windows Phone, automate the scenarios execution or set up the favourite temperature at the time or day you want.


The new Easydom player displays the songs that you’re system is executing, on a dedicated tile. With a single touch you can also access the commands to manage your favourite music at best.

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