Our partner

Our partner

Easydom flexibility is testified by the collaboration with undisputed prestige and worldwide reputation brands.

Inside this section you can know the partner that collaborate with us, both for third parts integrations and multimedia platforms integrations. The aim of Easydom is to increase the number of its partner in order to make its own domotic system efficient and increasingly able to satisfy the final customer needs, keeping its distinctive features of usage immediacy and simplicity.



Windows 8 Windows® 10
Windows 10 is the new Microsoft operative system in which Easydom softwares can be perfectly integrated: in order to manage its home in an autonomous and functional way through the consumer softwares, it's not necessary to buy a dedicated web server.
Microsoft Microsoft®
Easydom® brand is Microsoft partner for Home Automation, the Easydom solutions are based on Microsoft technology from the development to the use of its own applications that work on Microsoft Consumer's platforms. Thanks to this winning partnership, Home Automation solutions are perfectly integrated with Microsoft operative system using the most innovative technologies.
Windows Phone Windows Phone®
It's the new Microsoft® Mobile operative system, in which it's possible to integrate Easydom software to manage indipendently and from anywhere its own Easydom domotic system. Easydom software for Windows Phone can be directly found in the Microsoft Store, that can be consulted from your mobile device.
Windows Media Center Windows Media Center®
Windows Media Center® is the Microsoft multimedia application that allows to make the digital entertainment even more funny and easy to use.
The integration between Media Center and the management system through Easydom softwares it's the ideal solution to provide your home with a Home Automation system that optimizes the multimedia experience.
Samsung Samsung®
Easydom is Samsung partner for Home Automation.
Thanks to this partnership we could have investigated the technological needs in domestic environments, together with a consumer electronics leader. Together and in an on going development to realize the best domotic house digital experiences.
Intel Intel®
Intel and Easydom collaborate with continuity for the creation of unique domotic market solutions. The powerful Easydom Glass 2 has been developed together with them, the first touch panel projected and realized to be completely dedicated to home.

Microsoft Kinect
Windows Phone
Windows 8
Windows Media Center

Bticino My Open


Bentel Security

Audio Denon
Audio Yamaha