The nautical sector and domotics

The nautical sector and domotics

Easydom Nautica, your boat in a click.

Easydom – a recognized brand in the domotic field – has perceived the shipowners’ need to have a complete and autonomous control of their ship, and it has responded by developing the best solutions in order to give a delightful sailing experience to the Customer.
It goes beyond luxury, beyond preciousness and attention to details: Easydom Nautica project is the answer to a demanding and detailed-oriented Customer, but above all it’s the ideal path to improve a traditional production sector such as the luxury nautical one and to develop it towards a domotics made of simplicity and design.
What makes the difference in Easydom Nautica are not the technical features of the ship, but the inner high level confort, the energy saving, the persons and rooms’ security and the full control at the user’s disposal.
Domotics is going to dictate new trends to the sector experts: from the ship owners, even more focused on the technological frontier, to designers, who find in domotics a further instrument to increase the locations’ value, up to boatyards, that are willing to adapt their production to the specific market requests.
Higher and higher standards, maximum level of efficiency and functionality, elegance and technology in a perfect symbiosis with the most innovative and refined design.


Easydom integrates the multiple boat devices thanks to an easy management tool, the Easydom software, that if installed on a PC, a touch screen or an iPhone or iPad, can control all the functionalities. The user can manage the boat by surfing a planimetry or a photo that reproduces all the boat’s rooms: the captivating graphic icons represents all the functionalities connected with domotic system, they can be activated / de-activated in real time, or they can be programmed thanks to the timer.


Easydom Nautica allows the user to manage all the functionalities, from the basic ones such as lighting and automations, to the multimedia, security and surveillance ones.
All the features can be managed and monitored from one or several devices, such as a touch screen, a Pc, an iPhone or an iPad, by which the user can control and monitor the entire boat in real time.
Simplicity and functionality at highest level: with a unique tool the Customer has the whole boat under control thanks to an immediate visualization:

• lighs, automations and detectors;

• anti-theft and generic alarm devices – fire prevention system, gas and water leaks detectors, fuel levels;

• video surveillance;

• Home Theatre, entertainment and audio / video;

• Air conditioning and heating;

• Chrome - Aroma therapy;

The management software interface is characterized by an intuitive and easy-to-use graphic: the user can programme the scenarios on his own, which are sequence of events that activate / deactivate different functions at the same time. Scenarios can be created and activated in real time or programmed by giving them a starting and ending hour, avoiding the user to manage them manually.
It’s possible to set up a “relax” scenario, by managing at the same time the sound system, to create a musical accompaniment, the lights, by dimmering them and activating warm colours leds, and the automations - by closing down the shutters. A further function can be the diffusion of natural scents to favour the relax.