Examples of application for hospitality

Examples of application for hospitality

Domotics creates customized services and gives an added value to distinguish the building and make it more appealing for the customer.

Inside hotels and accommodation facilities domotics can be used both to manage the most common and standard functions (lightning, motorizations and rooms temperatures), to create personalized service and a plus value to distinguish the facility and encourage the customer to choose it.

It's possible to manage the system from a central control station (for example the reception) that control rooms, common hotel areas and staff rooms, however the customer can autonomously manage its own interaction with the hotel and the available services directly from its room, through a designated touch screen PC.
In the common hotel areas it's possible to integrate the domotic technology with the security management of areas and persons (anti-intrusion devices, videosurveillance, water and gas leaks detectors, fire alarm and fire doors).

Another added value is given by the possibility of creating personalized scenarios, inclusive of multimedia contents, for the restaurant, the swimming pool or the wellness area: an "aperitif" scenario, programmed to create a restful atmosphere with soft lights and relaxing music, or scenarios realized for the different wellness treatments, that can be activated directly from the therapy stall.

A concrete plus value, inside each customer room, it's represented by the autonomous system management, giving to the customer the opportunity to create multimedia scenarios and to have a direct interaction with the hotel: the customer can see the daily menu, reserve the best seat for lunch and dinner, book a wellness treatment or use the laundry service. All that simply by clicking on the PC touch screen directly from the room.