Advantages for the tertiary

Advantages for the tertiary

Shops, pubs, gyms, wellness centres and many other facilities that can have that extra oomph thanks to domotics.


Inside business facilities (as for example shops and boutiques) it's possible to apply domotics to respond to the facilities' needs: whether it's a fashion boutique, a pharmacy, a music or books retailers, the different devices can be developed and adapted to manage the whole trading area at best.

Besides the lighting and automations management, it's possible to create personalized scenarios in order to speed up the routine operations. For example, by activating the “closing shop” scenario with a unique gesture, the user can dimmer all the lights, turn on the shop windows night lights and activate the burglar alarm. Even during the day the system can make the curtains automatically close down when it “feels” too much heat on the shop windows, protecting objects, furnitures or clothes.
The user can optimize the domotic system by implementing video surveillance and anti-theft device, monitoring water and gas leaks, and other alarms, in real time. The use of the panel touch screen PC is a distinctive plus value that enables the user to monitor the whole store domotic system.


Concerning the management and control of the system, the added value consists in the integration of third hardware parts: anti-theft devices, video surveillance, entrance detectors, fire prevention systems, and gas and water leaks detectors. All the devices can be easily monitored h 24 from a central place, for example from the store’s main hall.

Besides the integrations mentioned, there’s the possibility of integrating a smoke detector - for example in the toilet - in order to immediately signal a potential dangerous situation to the software, or a detector that signals the opening of the emergency doors.


Even in sport facilities and wellness centres, domotics can be useful to manage lighting and automations, which can be programmed according to daily time schedule. Multimedia and the possibility of realizing customized scenarios, on the basis of the wellness treatment or the weekly planned fitness courses, are solutions that perfectly apply to this sector.

The plus value is represented by the integrations with anti-theft devices, video surveillance, anti fire alarms, water and gas leaks detectors and video entry-phone: moreover, the entries control enables the user to monitor who enters and leaves the facility; the courtesy lighting guides staff and customers to the desired floor during the darkest hours.